Our services

Systematization of the Traffic Organization

☑️ Lease of Software and Hardware.

☑️ Comprehensive operation of the Traffic Organization.

We provide services to the Colombian army.

☑️ We sell supplies for printing military notebooks.

☑️ We perform preventive and corrective maintenance on notebook printers.

Creation of licenses for driving, traffic, operation cards, registry cards and plates for cars and motorbikes

☑️ Comprehensive elaboration process.

☑️ Solutions for technical elaborations.

Implementation of technical solutions for the elaboration of documents for high security recognition

☑️ Implementation of comprehensive technology solutions.

☑️ Operating public registries for the creation of identification documents.

Settlement and collection of taxes on vehicles


These comply with the standards established by the applicable law and the specific requirements of the Ministry of Transportation, the Runt, the Simit and other involved stakeholders.